Monday, 13 September 2010

APL2000 announces APL+Win 10

Version 10 provides more speed, support for larger workspaces and larger arrays enabling a whole new level of performance

Rockville, MD – September 13, 2010 --- APLNow LLC announced today the release of APL+WIN Version 10. This latest version of their popular APL+WIN product, an implementation of the APL application programming language product for the Windows platform, offers breakthrough performance improvements through faster overall execution speed, support for larger workspaces and larger arrays. Additional enhancements included in this version enable multi-thread processing, provide an application recovery tool and enhance the error handling and debugging processes.

Highlights of APL+WIN V10 include:
• Scalar and array operations run 30% to 50% faster
• Workspaces as large as 2.6 GB on 32 bit PCs and 3.6 GB on 64-bit PCs
• Support for a 10-fold increase in array size
• New APLSupervisor enabling concurrent execution on multi-core machines
• New and enhanced error handling, debugging facility and control structures

For information:
Contact: Sonia Beekman at
Phone: 301-208-7150

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